How can your boost your company value to $1 Billion? Try the telephone/ivr. Jay Ehret of The Marketing Spot recently wrote How to Make a Billion Dollars Through Marketing where he describes some keys to’s successful $1 Billion sale to He quotes Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh as saying, “The telephone is actually one of the best branding devices out there. You have your customers’ undivided attention for 5–10 minutes, and if you get the interaction right, that’s something they’ll remember for a very long time, and also tell their friends and family about” Here are a few ideas for ways to get started:

1. Customize your greeting for each caller. By using a unique phone number for each advertisement, you’ll know where a caller found you and what they’re calling about without even needing to ask.

2. Put customers in touch with the right person as quickly as possible with advanced routing applications such as a virtual call center, Store Locator, or IVR system.

3. Brand yourself by using a vanity toll‐free phone number.

4. Increase response time to online support inquiries by triggering a call to the customer immediately after a support ticket is submitted, using Click‐to‐Call.

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Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne

As IVR Technology Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mike is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations and is focused on the company’s strategic vision, initiatives, and in leading the company’s product development and overall strategy.
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