Recently, businesses utilizing outbound messaging have been in need of an added feature. Legislation now dictates strict guidelines when making calls to cellular numbers.
Previous software supplied users with notifications of all cellular numbers within their customer list. However, they did not have an “opt in” or expressed consent to use that number to contact the customer. This is no longer acceptable. To ensure our customer’s security as they adhere to the most up-to-date regulations, IVR is now offering Carrier.ID. for our IVR Customers.
Carrier.ID scrubs your list of contacts and divides them into 3 lists: cellular, land-line, and inactive.

An article written by “The TEN Network” – spells out the real consequences corporations face if they chose to disregard this issue of invasive outbound practices.

In case you haven’t been paying attention and yet your organization makes calls to wireless numbers you need to know that the federal court in Wisconsin has ruled regarding preview dialed calls to mobile (wireless) phones. This recent TCPA ruling is serious for telemarketing. A debt collector was deemed liable for TCPA  violations because some of the calls to a consumer’s mobile phone were made by “preview” dialing and an individual collector “clicked” on the number to dial it.  The Plaintiff was awarded $571,000 in statutory damages for violations of the TCPA. Also a Florida district court ruled that the FCC’s Consent Exemption for the  collection industry (granted in 2008) is contrary to the TCPA. Because TCPA interpretations and rulings are changing it is very difficult for businesses to know what they need to do to remain in compliance and still run their businesses. Watch industry publications – both online and hard copy for information about seminars and webinars  that will conduct reviews of the current regulations regarding preview dialing, consent accepted by the TCPA and FCC rulings.

Posted 6/3/2013 -The TEN Network –  By Joan Mullen, ORC Protel.

Given the cellular issues sited by industry experts regarding the use of cell phone numbers, we encourage you to check your outbound files and consider Carrier.ID. Limit your exposure  to potentially damaging legislative activity surrounding the use of cell phone contact with the security of Carrier.ID.

Give John a call (813.864.9901) or email ( to walk through the simple process of adding Carrier.ID to your outbound messaging.

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