The medical world has gone mobile. Whether through the implementation of EHRs at any given hospital or the use of smartphones for clinicians and patients alike, technology’s role in the medical field is here to stay. Not unlike many other users of this relatively new technology, countless physicians, nurses, and their administrative teams are mapping out a mobile strategy.

Medical Mobile Strategies In Today’s Tech:

A survey result from AmCom Software in June of this year highlights the prevalent need for fuller, more convenient lines of communication in the clinical arena. Nearly 300 hospitals across North America were surveyed. Leadership roles within the departments of clinical, IT and telecommunications offered useful tactics, foreseeable outcome information, and participation measurements. AmCom Software’s goal was to evaluate this mobile trend amounst healthcare providers and evaluate how they were planning on growing with this tool in the future.

Mobile devices ranging from tablets, to smartphones are tools physicians depend on to organize information and stay connected. When hospitals were asked the reason for not having a mobile strategy in place as of yet, 72.4% said they were in the process of committing to creating such a strategy. Only 6.4% said they had no implementation of a mobile strategy because there were not enough mobile devices in use to warrant one.
The quote below caught my attention as efficiency and communication are mentioned as major persuaders in why hospitals take advantage of mobile devices.

“Greater efficiency is the number one driver of using smartphones and other mobile devices for communications in healthcare, with 74% of respondents selecting it as a main driver. This is closely followed by better facilitating communications with physicians.”

MDCall (powered by IVR Technology Group) is an custom constructed, automated, messaging service for the medical industry. One of MDCall’s greatest benefit to the clinician is its efficiency. Every message gets through every time. Improving communication between patient to physician as well as clinician to clinician is the soul purpose of MDCall.

IVR Technology Group is thrilled to create a service that meets a true need in a profession that places lives on the line when relying on our product’s success. Improving communication within an industry like healthcare makes what we do such a passion for each of us.

AmCom Software’s recent findings supporting the need for hospitals to implement a mobile strategy, highlights the importance of mobile communication tools in healthcare. Organizing how to best utilize technology to improve the functionality of a task is the art behind a successful mobile strategy as well as the purpose of MDCall.

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