IVR Auto Attendant

Eliminate multiple call handling and streamline the process of communication with IVR Auto Attendant

Use an IVR auto attendant to automatically and efficiently transfer your callers to their desired location without employing a live operator or receptionist.

IVR Tech’s IVR auto attendant helps you to redirect calls, answer calls, take messages, gather feedback and follow-up with increased efficiency but without increased manpower.

This allows your organization to reduce the resources and costs involved, and transform with changing business trends.

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Key Benefits of IVR Auto Attendant

Call Routing

Set up your IVR auto attendant to send calls to specific departments, management or people. Calls can be routed randomly, based on skill or geographically.

Extended Hours of Operation

Your IVR auto attendant won’t need to go home at the end of the day, so it can assist your customers who call outside of normal business hours.

Multilingual Support

Interact with your callers in more than one language with an IVR auto attendant. You’ll eliminate the need to hire agents who can masterfully speak more than one language and still be able to effectively assist your customers.

Caller Identification

Our IVR auto attendant identifies incoming caller and provides relevant information to the agent handling the call.

Press “1” to Transfer

Even with an IVR auto attendant, your customers may still need assistance from a live agent. In this case, your callers can press “1” and transfer to a live agent.

Speed Up Your Response Time

Because an IVR auto attendant is essentially a computer that answers your phone for you, your response time will be increased dramatically. There’s no lag time between calls, human error or possibility of getting off track, resulting in a speedy connection to the right person.

Ease of Use

IVR auto attendant delivers an enhanced customer experience by streamlining your inbound phone traffic and efficiently routing calls.

IVR auto attendant answers your incoming phone calls, greeting callers with a customized automated message.

Next, your callers will hear a set of menu options. They’ll be able to press the button that corresponds with the action they’d like to take.

Your IVR auto attendant will route the call to the appropriate location, and will be instantly available to assist the next caller.

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Call routing

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