Enhanced communication & lower costs, with Hosted VoIP IVR

Gather caller information, route calls and more with VoIP IVR, an automated telephony system that’s delivered over Internet Protocol. Use VoIP to serve your incoming callers faster and more efficiently while freeing up your live agents to focus on the tasks that are imperative to your business.

IVR Tech combines automated speech recognition, text to speech and conferencing capabilities to provide your customers with an enhanced experience while saving your team time and increasing your bottom line.

Call Center Solutions

Virtual Contact Center

All the Benefits of a Premise-Based Contact Center, Without the Costs, Delays or Headaches.

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Application Integration

Facilitate your business’ daily operations by integrating your existing applications into your VoIP IVR. Sync voicemails, click to call and more with IVR Tech.

Call Routing

Get your callers to the right person the first time by implementing VoIP IVR. After hearing several options from a pre-recorded menu, your callers will be able to select the person best able to help them. Cut down on wasted time and misdirected calls by offering your customers the option of sales, customer service, shipping or general inquiries.

Cost Savings

An IVR VoIP system will eliminate the need for a live agent to simply route calls to the appropriate person/place all day. You can eliminate this position all together or shift your resources to serve your business’ needs better.

Recording Options

Save time and money by recording and storing your IVR menus within our secure VoIP IVR system. You’ll have access to your audio files at any time. Make changes, reference a menu or re-use an existing menu at your convenience.

Transfer Options

VoIP IVR can be configured so that your callers can be connected to a live agent at the press of a button. This cuts down on customer frustration by enabling callers to get additional assistance quickly, without having to hang up the phone and call back.

Premium Voice Quality

IVR Tech’s hosted VoIP delivers high voice quality every single time. We’ve engineered a superior call handling system that eliminates echoes, static, background noise and many other disruptions from your calls.

A simple solution for complex businesses

Whether your office uses a basic phone or you’re running an advanced VoIP call center, you need a VoIP service provider that’s reliable, transparent & flexible enough to meet your exact needs.

IVR Tech’s hosted VoIP services offer a substantial cost savings and advanced functionality that are backed by our team of experts. As the premier hosted VOIP service provider, we’ve built a slew of progressive features that will facilitate your company’s communication and give you the tools you need to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Improve Your Team’s Productivity with a VOIP Call Center

IVR Tech is among the few VoIP Service Providers that has managed to set new standards by providing a blend of quality products and remarkable customer service. Our hosted VOIP is a next generation business solution that improves overall workforce productivity so that you can focus on your core business. Improve returns on your communication costs with PBX features and functionality, without the expense of an on-site PBX.

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Improved Customer Communication & Experience

Our hosted VoIP systems all include call waiting, call forwarding, call holding and voicemail services. Combined, these features will deliver an experience that includes shorter wait times, skills based call routing and personal attention.


Cloud Based System

We moved our VoIP services to the cloud to simplify VoIP system management. Cloud hosted VoIP makes it possible for you and your team to access your phone system or your VoIP call center from anywhere. Our services are entirely stored in the cloud, so there’s no downtime for installation. Any software updates are automatic and take place behind the scenes.


CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM system with your hosted VoIP to deliver a personal and memorable customer experience. With this capability, you can accurately track your callers’ behaviors, nurture leads and keep your customer information up to date with little to no added effort.



Increase or decrease your hosted VoIP systems to match your business’ needs at any given time. We’ll provide you with exactly what you need when you need it. All it takes from you is a simple phone call; we’ll do the rest.



Whether all your employees work in the same establishments, multiple locations, remotely or from home, we can manage your VoIP call center. We’re the best VoIP service providers available to you 24/7 to help your business communicate better, no matter what your set up is.

Customized VOIP

We customize our call routing service for your business. It allows for volume spikes, load balancing, call distribution and business continuity challenges. Ensure your campaign goals are met by reallocating calls to the best performing contact centers in real time.

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Virtual Call Center

Advanced call routing, IVR, call queuing.

Virtual Call Distributor

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Cloud Call Routing

Accuracy, Increased Efficiency and Speed

Cloud Based PBX

Call Center Solutions

Virtual Contact Center

All the Benefits of a Premise-Based Contact Center.

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