Hosted Contact Center Services and Call Center Solutions

We’ll help you manage inbound calls, outbound calls or a mix of both– all from a single window. This will enhance your productivity and help your agents get to know your customers & their businesses so they can help them succeed.


Inbound IVR

Utilize inbound IVR to improve the way your contact center manages incoming phone calls. By incorporating inbound IVR into your virtual contact center, your callers will be directed to a customized menu that’s navigable by voice or touchtone phone.

Inbound IVR makes self-service easier, reduces the average call handling time and saves you money.


Outbound IVR

Schedule new appointments, activate new accounts, share shipping notifications and send emergency notifications, payment reminders, appointment reminders, customer satisfaction surveys and more.

Adding Outbound IVR into your virtual contact center makes it simple for you to communicate your message to your customers.


Blended IVR

Combine the capabilities of both inbound and outbound call center solutions to create the ultimate customer experience.

Agents accommodate incoming calls as they come in while making outbound calls with automated equipment.

Reduce Expenses and Guarantee Quality, Security & Reliability …With a Hosted Contact Center

Enable your contact center agents to collaborate and access all the data they need to succeed regardless of their physical location. A hosted contact center – also known as a virtual contact center or a cloud call center – helps your team deliver personalized experiences that result in happier customers with every call.

Providing an exceptional customer experience is a point of entry for every business. Your callers want personalized service that’s both fast and accurate. When they call you and get a busy signal, have to repeat themselves or wait on hold for a long time, they’re going to hang up the phone dissatisfied.

  • Only 8% of customers feel vendors consistently meet their experience expectations8%
  • 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration67%
  • 59% of contact centers cite productivity as a challenge59%
  • 62% of customers report more than one contact to resolve their issues62%
  • 38% of call center managers say that measuring results is a major challenge38%

Benefits of a Virtual Contact Center or Call Center Solution

Virtual Contact Center: All the Benefits of a Premise-Based Contact Center, Without the Costs, Delays or Headaches.

Customize Call Center Solutions

Increased Speed & Efficiency

Our hosted contact center can be customized for your business. Manage volume spikes, load balancing, call distribution and other business continuity challenges faster and more effectively. You select how to allocate your calls – based on percentage, sequence, round robin or geographic allocation – to unify multiple call centers, reduce wait & on-hold times, manage call spikes and more.


Skills-Based Call Routing

Our cloud routing solutions allow incoming calls to be distributed to the agent best suited to help the caller instead of just sending the caller to the next available agent. Skills-based call routing results in shorter wait times,faster issue resolution and a reduction in both the average handle time and abandon rates. Route calls based on the caller’s phone number, identity or choices made on your interactive voice response system.


Custom Scripting

Our custom scripting features in the Hosted Contact Center suite allows you to provide unique scripting to every location served. Each inbound call can be routed intelligently using our call routing feature along with custom scripting; callers will feel the sense of “local” presence without feeling being handled by a remote call center. You can also incorporate this feature with any of your marketing promotions and have it uniquely customized by your store locations.


Visual IVR

Incorporate a visual element into your virtual contact center to streamline your customer service. Visual IVR allows your customers to self identify, indicate why they’re calling and, in some cases, solve their own problem. Callers can enter alphanumeric data and send your team pictures to help convey their message, via the secure two-way texting VIVR feature.


Multi-Channel Management

Interact with your callers via phone call, text message, email web chat and more, all within your hosted contact center. When your agents work out of a cloud-based virtual contact center, your customers have the convenience and flexibility to contact you according to their personal preferences.


Real Time Monitoring

Know exactly what’s going on in your virtual call center as it is happening by monitoring your hosted contact center in real time. Use this information to deliver consistent service, reduce callbacks, increase first contact resolution, improve agent performance and employee satisfaction, identify common customer problems or frustrations, identify broken procedures and assess compliant issues.


CRM Integration

Nurture leads, send real-time prospect activity alerts to your sales team, track behaviors, improve revenue tracking and deliver more targeted, personalized interactions by integrating your CRM system into your virtual contact center. With CRM integration, you can also track who is calling you and why they’re calling to help facilitate future calls.


Call Recording & Playback

Reduce liability and resolve customer issues faster with our PCI compliant call recording software. The ability to record your hosted contact center phone calls enables you to deliver a better customer experience by improving quality control and facilitating employee training.


Metrics & Reporting

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Our comprehensive reporting tools allow you to track everything that’s going on in your cloud call center as if you were there to see it yourself. Use this information to drive the strategy and direction of your hosted contact center, provide focal points for your team, make smarter decisions and improve the overall performance of your hosted contact center. You can also track how your agents are performing – both individually and as a team – and note which of your scripts gets the best results. Armed with this information, you can amp up what’s working and make immediate improvements wherever necessary.

Virtual ACD

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Advanced call routing, IVR, call queuing.

Virtual Call Distributor

Cloud Routing

Cloud Call Routing

Accuracy, Increased Efficiency and Speed

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