Introducing Interactive Text Response. IVR Tech’s solution to the most effective communication method available today: text messaging. 

Text messaging has changed the way we communicate. If you’re not able to receive texts from your customers, you’re leaving money on the table. With two-way texting, it’s possible — and easy — for you to receive text messages from your customers.  Call us today — we’ll have you texting tomorrow.

Enable your business’ existing phone number to accept incoming text messages from your customers.

TextEnable Your Landline or Toll-free Number Now

Landline texting is the best way to process the message and route it directly into your existing web chat software. Your agents can respond as they normally would, as though the inquiry came in from the web. This unique feature eliminates the need for extensive training sessions that take your team away from providing excellent customer service.

We’re in the cloud. Interactive Text Response is cloud-based. This means you’ll remain fully operational while we get the system up and running. All your conversations can be stored indefinitely and you can reference them whenever you need to. Cloud hosted applications are also accessible from anywhere, so you can manage your conversations and your team from anywhere.

Integration is important. Texting for business can be integrated into your back office software, allowing you to recognize every caller by name and offer them personalized options like last transfer, account info, phone or text ordering and more.

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