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Committed to excellence

IVR Technology Group’s transcription services are second to none. Over the past decade, our staff of experts has transcribed thousands of hours of audio, providing fast, accurate and secure transcription services to clients in a variety of industries.




Guaranteed Accuracy


Fast Turnaround

A few primary example applications


Information Request

You have collected the names and addresses of all your clients via web survey. Our compliant IVR application collects your information automatically, allowing our transcribers to convert the data into an electronic format. We’ll pass this information back to you in record time with guaranteed accuracy.



Use an IVR survey to ask your customers how their last visit at your store went. Our expert transcribers will convert your results into an electronic format. We’ll make this information available to you immediately so you can analyze the data and use it to make immediate improvements, if they’re needed.


Job Applicant Screening

Prescreen for potential employees by asking applicants to call into a toll-free phone number. They’ll be asked a series of yes/no questions. If caller passes test, they’ll be able to leave their name and contact information. Our secure IVR application collects their information automatically and sends it to our transcribers to convert the data into an electronic format. We’ll pass it on to you so you only have to spend time contacting job applicants who meet your minimum requirements for employment.

Complimentary Product

Collect Customer Feedback

IVR Surveys

Collect valuable, business-strengthening feedback and then use our Transciptions service to turn voice recordings into electronic format

Get Call Tracking

Compliant to the core

Security is an ongoing process and guaranteeing the safety of your customers’ sensitive data should be a cornerstone of your business. It is for us. All of our transcription systems are designed to meet the standards for various compliances.

They’re regularly tested to ensure the personal and private information that they handle remain secure. In addition, our team of expert transcribers are certified to handle all types of sensitive information.We regularly undergo training and performance review processes, so that we can ensure we provide transcription services that are high quality while you rest assured that all information in our hands remains private.


Committed to excellence

We’ll stake our reputation on our ability to be meticulous. We have more than one person spot check your transcription before we pass it back to you. Our multi-point review methods allow us to double check all of the data we transcribe for you, ensuring that we’re only providing you accurate information.


Time is of the essence

Bottom line, we know you collected your data for a reason and we’ll get it back to you as quickly as possible. We’ve enlisted the best transcriptionists around — they work quickly without compromising the accuracy of your data. Our team is committed and proficient in providing transcription services,allowing IVR Tech to continually exceed your expectations.

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