Speech Analytics

Cloud-based conversational analytics solutions improves your agent performance across contact channels

Speech analytics reveal immediate insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels – including phone, email, chat, social and more.

Speech Analytics is NOT just speech to text transcription

Speech Analytics converts a recorded conversation into useable data and then analyzes the content and context of the call to discover what the call was about.

Speech Analytics is the process of analyzing recorded calls bringing structure to customer interactions.

Analytic solutions mean contact centers no longer have to rely on a limited, statistically
insignificant sampling of interactions and surveys to accurately track agent performance and customer experience. By analyzing 100% of customer interactions, businesses can get a full view of the entire customer journey and the agent’s performance.

Discover how your organization can decrease costs, improve sales effectiveness, minimize risk, and increase customer satisfaction. You will quickly discover the best path to those positive outcomes for both the organization and customers, whether it’s a successful sale, a compliant interaction, or a satisfactory solution to a problem.

We can help you use that technology to pinpoint cost drivers, trends and opportunities, and identify strengths and weaknesses in processes, technology, and agent behavior.

A good solution should:

Automatically capture and store all call data

Analyze all call data to accurately discover the content, context and purpose of every conversation.

Analyze every call to deliver a complete view of the customer experience in the contact center.

Types of Metrics captured:


agent id, call routing info, account number

Speech Data

politeness, branding compliance, repeat caller, empathy, dissatisfaction, product mention, competitive language

Acoustic Data

acoustic stress, acoustic tempo, amount of silence compared to % of talk

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