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IVR Payment Solutions


An automated virtual terminal that enables your organization to accept electronic payments over the phone at any time. Transactions are completed quickly & easily without intervention from a live agent. PAYIT is accessible 24/7, reduces fees and check handling, and increases business revenue. No additional equipment to buy, easy to use system to Improve customer service and convenience.

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Voice, Text & Email Broadcasts


Mass communication made simple with a self-service, multi-modal broadcast platform that can deliver automated voice, text and email messages. Clients can use the recently upgraded platform to send out voice, text and email broadcasts to customers who have opted in. nResponse offers comprehensive reporting, advanced IVR functionality and fits FTC Telemarketing Standards.

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Call Tracking Solutions

Call Outcome 360

Prove the ROI of multi-channel campaigns with a call based automation system that shows your business which ad campaigns are driving the best return on investment. You’ll be able to gain detailed metrics, identify trends and collect insights on missed opportunities. The ability to gain real-time analytics and customize your call routing strategy will help bring your marketing efforts up to speed..

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ITR | Contact Center Chatbox

ITR is a chatbot that can easily integrate into your existing contact center, IVR and CRM to deliver delightful customer experiences. ITR provides a flexible platform for outbound notifications and reminders, & can transform the interaction into a two-way automated conversation.

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IVR & Cloud Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows customers to interact with pre-recorded voice prompts via spoken commands or touch tones keypads. An IVR solution is available 24×7, is highly customizable, reduces operational costs, increases agent efficiency as well as lower call center costs.

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Connect with customers over 2-way text messaging using your existing, known & trusted toll-free or land line phone number. The dashboard is sleek, easy to use and is accessible from any internet-enabled device using a web-based interface.

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iSurvey360 — IVR & Web Surveys

Immediate feedback, Lower cost of administration, Quick identification of problem areas, and no interviewer bias means…

Conduct your customer satisfaction surveys via three channels:

  • Outbound dialing system
  • Inbound feedback collection number
  • Web collection via e-mail

Cloud Routing

Flexible Scheduling, Call Monitoring and Reporting, Cloud routing software allows for volume spikes, load balancing, and more.

Unify your operations in the Cloud:

  • Customizable
  • Distributes all of your incoming traffic among all of your contact centers, even if you have remote centers or home-based agents.


Works anywhere: Whether you use a known CMS like WordPress or a custom CMS or no CMS at all!

Your customer can call your phone number on your website with just one click.

  • Increase lead conversion
  • Decrease website abandonment
  • Improve online marketing
  • Analytics

Additional Products and Solutions

IVR also offers the following products & services:

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