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We like to talk to people. That’s why we’re in the telephony industry.

One of the places we recently “talked to people” was at the Soft-Pak Users Conference in sunny San Diego, California. The semi-annual conference took place at the beginning of this week, March 10-12.

Going into the conference, we hoped to launch the new integration of our Pay-by-Phone virtual terminal and the Soft-Pak software system. Blending these two technologies enables customers of businesses using it to call into the Pay-by-Phone system, check their outstanding balance and make a payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From our perspective, the launch was incredibly successful. Not only did we increase awareness of our Pay-by-Phone virtual terminal, we let a lot of companies know about our collaboration with Soft-Pak. In fact, three companies have expressed serious interest in signing up for this offering.

We’re pretty excited by this news, and will begin working to immediately engage the Soft-Pak sales and service teams to make the Pay-by-Phone system available to more of their customers.

Overall, the conference was a successful event.  Soft-Park placed an important focus on customer interactions. At IVR Tech, we work to go above and beyond each of our clients’ expectations so we found this portion of the event to be very relatable.

If you’d like to learn more about our Pay-by-Phone system, give us a call. We’d be thrilled to tell you everything you need to know (and probably more)!

Call us at 800-438-1709 or to hear our Pay-by-Phone Demo call — 716-775-6470.

You can also e-mail Todd Reed, our SVP of Business Development, at

Check us out on Facebook ( or Twitter (@IVRTechnology) for more updates. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Kristen S

Kristen S

Kristen is responsible for managing all of IVR’s marketing efforts, including all of our digital media, managing partner relationships, driving leads and generating interest in our products and services.
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