We are excited to announce that we’ve grown again, this time by joining forces with a new business partner, Soft-Pak Software Solutions.

Soft-Pak is a complete operational and financial solution for the waste and recycling industry. Delivering software that handles billing, routing, customer service and scale activity for over 30 years, clients enjoy a single database that manages their operational needs. Whether you are in the industry top 20, a municipal operation, or a mid-size hauler with multiple scales, Soft-Pak has the applications needed to effectively manage your operations.

Part of Soft-Pak’s mission is to deliver the highest quality professional support services to its customers. In order to enhance customer communication and to provide a convenient an easy to use payment solution, Soft-Pak has enlisted the assistance of IVR Tech.

IVR Tech enables Soft-Pak to communicate with its clients effortlessly and effectively by distributing mass messages to its customers and to enable them to make payments over the phone 24/7. IVR Tech will provide Soft-Pak with the technologies that make it possible to do both these things – all without live agent intervention.

By partnering with IVR Tech, Soft-Pak can offer the best customer service and continue to drives revenue, while reducing operational and capital expenditures.  Because of IVR Tech’s proven expertise, attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for its customers, Brian Porter, Soft-Pak’s president, believes it is the best company to provide Soft-Pak with these services.

Solutions from IVR Tech allow the following benefits to Soft-Pak clients –

  • Easy to use: after receiving a phone call, clients may choose a single option to access to access IVR Tech’s Pay-by-Phone virtual terminal
  • Convenience: Soft-Pak clients can make a payment on their own at any time 24/7/365
  • Payment options: Pay-by-Phone accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as e-checks

Todd Reed, SVP Business Development, Soft-Pak Software Solutions, has summarized the benefits this partnership provides Soft-Pak.

“IVR Tech has set Soft-Pak up with top-of-the-line, automated solution services that work hand-in-hand to improve outbound communication with customers and facilitate the collection of outstanding payments. These solutions will assist Soft-Pak in making bill payment reminders, announcing service interruptions and changing their pick up days due to holidays,” said Reed. “Additionally, their clients can connect to our Pay-by-Phone application and make a payment at the push of a button, making it simple and convenient for their customers to make their payments over the phone any time day or night.”

Mike Byrne, IVR Tech’s CEO, has also shared his enthusiasm about the deal. He stated, “We are very excited about our relationship with Soft-Pak. This opportunity has opened a new vertical for us and we are looking forward to proving that our advanced telephony applications can help the sanitation industry save money and increase efficiency. We’re thrilled to have formed this partnership and look forward to working hard to exceed Soft-Pak’s expectations.”

For more information on our partnerships, click here.

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Kristen S

Kristen S

Kristen is responsible for managing all of IVR’s marketing efforts, including all of our digital media, managing partner relationships, driving leads and generating interest in our products and services.
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