Here’s an amazing idea…let us text enable your Toll Free number!

We are excited to now offer the ability to turn any Toll Free Number or Local Number, regardless of carrier, into a text enabled point of contact for your business [toll free texting]. Whether you’re a small business or a large-scale enterprise complete with contact center, our cloud texting solution can easily enhance and streamline your customer connection by allowing your existing number to accept and send SMS messages.

Imagine your customers being able to place their orders or ask questions from their cell phone, or if you receive the same questions frequently, being able to have the answer sent automatically to their cell phone. You not only save time in your call center, the customer now has the information in writing so there is no confusion.

With mobile usage continually on the rise each year, users are becoming more and more comfortable communicating via text message. Heavy text users are much more likely to prefer texting to talking and that’s why this solution works. Using a desktop, tablet or smart phone application, you can choose how to interface back with your end customer.

Your number can stay with your existing carrier, which means no interruption to the voice traffic flowing through it!

Text enabling your existing number is not only easy to setup, it’s extremely affordable, and can save you huge dollars in your call centers!

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