TextEnable Your Customer Service Numbers and learn more about texting and customer service today!

Companies can now provision all of their telephone numbers to receive & send SMS/Text messages via the cellular networks. This cloud based service provisions both Toll Free & local telephone numbers. Customer Service Representatives can now simply communicate via a web portal, Apple and Android Apps, or via API integrations using the company’s TextEnabled telephone numbers.

Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) can now SMS/Text customers in addition to the existing voice traffic using the existing customer service telephone numbers. In case you did not know it, younger consumers use their cell phones to send SMS/Text messages far more than they do for voice traffic. If your company wants to interact with these customers, in the way they are most comfortable, adding SMS/Texting is a must, not an option. Texting is asynchronous which means just as consumers can text multiple people, so to can your CSR’s. This allows your CSR’s to service more customers simultaneously via SMS/text messaging, increasing customer service levels while lowering operating costs.
If you count iMessages as texts (most users don’t know the difference) and add in landline texting, the market is still growing.


Businesses must understand that their customer service telephone numbers are more valuable than their “Domain Name” and there is a strong probability that consumers are sending them SMS/Text messages today that are going unanswered. The good news is that you can TextEnable your numbers and monitor them to determine if you are missing any messages.

Businesses with clients must become comfortable text messaging and need to explore using TextEnabled services to extend their reach and stickiness with their customers.

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