How do we take an amazing idea, coupled with expertise and experience, to the next level?
By employing the power of Mobile Applications.

Today more than ever, we interact with the world around us through specialized gateways, tuned for unique tasks and dedicated to deliver information at the speed of inception.

Like it or not, your business needs to grow by adapting to the ever-changing trends of today’s information landscape. Do you have a forward-facing customer centric interface yet?

Let us help you design the next layer of your business.

See how we helped Wildlife Emergency Services.

Wildlife Emergency Services (WES) is a 501(c)(3) organization in California dedicated to improving emergency response to sick, injured, orphaned, trapped or otherwise imperiled wildlife. Their efforts result in reduced animal suffering, increased animal survival rate and an enhanced public service with emphasis on public safety.

Since 2006 we have been their first choice to build, host and maintain their Toll-Free Rescue Hotline, which directs callers to the closest emergency responder based on their telephone number.

With the advancements in mobile devices, particularly the smart phone, WES realized that they were missing a huge opportunity to expedite aide and streamline their current rescue process.

Once again they turned to IVR Technology Group to solve this problem and build in the missing link for their organization.

The WildHelp™ Mobile Application picks up where the traditional IVR leaves off:
When a user finds an animal in need of help, they will be guided through a series of multiple-choice questions to determine the closest response organization or wildlife hospital best suited for the emergency. The finder will also have the option of adding a photograph of the animal, as well as detailed notes. Then, based on the user’s answers and their GPS coordinates, the App will display a list of the closest and most appropriate resources – the nearest wildlife hospitals or first responders. With a click of a button, all the information collected (the type of animal, its approximate age, its condition, if it’s entrapped, injured, possibly orphaned) is sent via email and text to the selected resource, alerting them of the emergency and expediting the proper care. Once the data has been sent, the user can also place a call and make direct contact with the selected entity for further follow up. They will also have the option to receive helpful safety tips and emergency information, like basic instruction on first aid that could help save the animal’s life.

Wildlife Emergency Services has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to not only help in funding the development of this application but to also off set the cost needed to hire additional resource staff for their organization, aiding them in the maintenance and onboarding process for the extensive ‘Responders’ database.

Its not surprising that with little under a week left, they are a ways away from reaching their target. Often these types of organizations struggle to gain the necessary support needed to effectively help animals.

It’s our belief however, that even as technologists, we should pitch in using our resources to help make a difference in the world around us.

We kindly ask you to consider lending your support here.

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