We have simplified mass messaging delivery through the development of nResponse©, a Multimodal Broadcast Notification System. Using a simple, yet intuitive web user interface, organizations can simultaneously send automated text messages, outbound IVR (interactive voice response) and email notifications to contacts in seconds.

Additionally, we provide a dedicated toll-free or local telephone number for inbound calling, allowing review of the same message being broadcasted out.

“Time is of the essence” could not be more accurate when describing the necessity to respond immediately in a catastrophic situation. One underlying factor contributing to the advancement of mankind, specifically in our coping with the environment and each other, is the speed at which we can now access information. When information can be communicated instantly, we can be better prepared to deal with crisis; greatly reducing it’s negative impacts and effects.

nResponse securely stores employee/user contact information, allowing you to create group specific contact lists; streamlining user management and expediting the broadcast notification process.

Simply type your message into the interface, select your contact list(s) and queue your notifications. Our system instantly updates the outbound/inbound IVR using enhanced TTS and immediately populates the SMS and email messages with the same content.

Use nResponse as an internal notification system or to broadcast to your customers relaying anything from general to emergency notifications at the click of a button.

Call Us Today To Schedule A Demonstration 800-438-1709.


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