Have you heard, your customers can now send text messages directly to your existing Toll-Free and Landline Numbers?

Amazing! Right?

You may ask: “Well, what can I do with this?”

…Anything you want!

By now you’re probably realizing all of the rumors and buzz are true: yes, texting to your Toll-Free and Landline number is possible today!

With the enormous overhead cost and commitment to Short Codes, why would any business continue to use such an impersonal means of communication? Wouldn’t your existing number be much more in sync with your brand?

Hinging on this technology is the ability for us to deliver custom modules that enhance automation through SMS. Here’s a short list of Modules That Make Sense:

SKU Look-up:

Text “SKU” and the system will return current inventory count and pricing.

Account Balance:

Text “Account” and the system will return the open balance with an option to pay via the card on file.


Text your zip code and receive the closest location results with telephone numbers.

Call Me:

Text “call” and the system connects the store location with caller.


Text “info” and the system will initiate the steps to capture, Name, Address, City, State, Zip and additional fields like Email, etc.

Loyalty Balance:

Text “loyalty” and the system will return your specific loyalty or point balance.

And if none of these keywords entice you, simply design your own custom automation and we’ll build it.

Text your ideas to us at 855-856-9354

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