You may think of text messaging as that thing the kids do, or a nice novel feature geared for the social networking landscape, or maybe the nail in the coffin for traditional voice call communication…well you’re right!

However, considering that consumer’s today preference talking with their hands over their mouths is a huge insight into the future of consumer to business engagement.

SMS messaging can no longer be viewed as an add-on feature but as THE add-on solution.

Lets consider the following statements:

“My business often asks customers for information that they do not have handy or gives them information that is easily copied down incorrectly.”

Instead of using voice calls to exchange specific information, such as policy numbers, account numbers, or call back numbers, give them your local number or your toll free number to send and receive the information via text.

“It is too expensive for me to employ another person or put in another line just to provide convenient information, such as our billing address.”

Advertise your text enabled number and encourage your customers to text you their questions.  One person in the office can handle about six texts simultaneously and your customers never get a busy signal.

Looking for more automation sophistication? As a custom development shop, we can layer the TextEnable technology with an API driven process, delivering to/from your back-end systems. Your end customer will receive automated custom fulfillment and answers with the feel of the P2P SMS communication experience.

This will not only strengthen branding on your known number(s), but will save you considerable dollars that positively impact your bottom line.

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