cloud based contact centerShould you be investing in a Cloud Based Contact Center or a Traditional Centralized Server?

The Problem:
So your business hinges on customer interaction; however, your current Contact Center’s inflexibility is proving to impede your growth. With high overhead, huge-start up costs, technical obsolescence of equipment and limited geographic presence, the traditional Contact Center poses greater and greater liability as one’s business traffic grows.

The Solution:
An Internet connected, distributed cloud based Contact Center that sets up instantly, provides performance analytics and control, can be deployed anywhere providing 99.95% availability, all while providing superior ROI characteristics.

With just an Internet connection and a PC, you can set up a Virtual Contact Center on an Ad-Hoc basis without a huge investment in real estate, servers and people!

The Support is there when you need it and you’re not paying for it when you don’t!

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IVR Technology Group is a secure voice and text application service provider. Our main solutions are call tracking and pay by phone.


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