1. Can you manage and schedule outbound IVR Phone surveys without assistance from a developer or IT Technician?

After you create your IVR you should be able to queue or schedule your broadcast in advance using a self-service platform. This process should be very easy to do and comprised of just a few simple clicks.

2. Does the phone survey have the ability to detect whether a live person or voice mail picked up the call?

Answering machine detection should always yield consistent and solid results, allowing for a most satisfying call disposition. For best results, you should leave a custom message directing your callers back into an inbound version of the same IVR survey.

3. Can they route customers back to you during the call? To the nearest store? To an available sales agent? To your office, cell and home phone simultaneously?

The IVR system must be able to handle your custom routing needs; intelligently routing your call flow based off of the rules you define.

4. Are you able to record your call after a survey taker is transferred to a live agent?

Call recording is a must when maintaining a compliance level consistent with your internal P&P’s. This additional functionality should be simple to engage/disengage as needed with easy access to playback, streamlining your review process.

5. Do you have instant access to downloadable reports?

Detailed call summaries need to be as easy as a click of a button. You should be able to view them right in your web browser or simply download a .CSV report of the same to your local machine.

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