Market Research

Gathering intelligence day in and day out is just one of the many critical applications we bring to our clients tool box! Market research is a key component of marketing and we know how to deliver information. Create custom surveys either through reaching out to your customers or preparing gathering tools like SMS/Text or inbound survey lines:

  • Custom inbound or outbound surveys
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys
  • Pulse surveys
  • Gathering intelligence from application sampling of how your customers use our applications
  • Branched or “use based” surveying

We help you draw out critical points of information that will help you build better campaigns, products, and services. Our robust reporting allows you to grab “snapshots” if statistical or graphic form in real time. We have also developed API’s that allow you to use our applications to gather key statistics and transfer into your analytics to provide seamless integration back through your existing analysis tools.

IVR Technology Group doesn’t reinvent, rather we “incorporate” and morph our applications and services into your world!

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