Press 1 for Excellent Customer Service

Press 1 for Excellent Customer Service

Without explanation, most people don’t know what IVR stand for or what it does.

A common, baseline definition of IVR sounds something like, “Interactive voice response is the technology that enables humans to interact with an automated system via the key pad on their phones. “

The next line in the conversation typically goes something like this: “Those automated systems are so annoying. They never get me to the right person and they’re a huge waste of my time. Why can’t I just speak to a human?!”

To be fair, many IVR systems are set up poorly. They route callers through an endless loop, menu options don’t match callers’ needs, and callers are asked to enter a ton of account info, only to repeat when they finally do reach a person.

But, when expertly set up, IVR can actually be extremely helpful and beneficial to both businesses and their customers.

How IVR works:


Features of IVR Systems:

  • Manage high call volumes
  • Provide after-hours customer service
  • Prioritize urgent calls
  • Gather info about callers
  • Intelligent call routing

Benefits of IVR Software:

  • Streamlines calls, reducing customer wait times
  • Eliminates the need for live agents to staff call centers 24/7, so basic customer support can be provided after your business is closed
  • Ensures extremely important or emergency calls are answered in a timely manner to increase customer satisfaction
  • Identifies callers and their reason for caller prior to making a connection with a live agent
  • Intelligent call routing increases customer resolution: by directing calls to the agent best suited to assist the call, more problems will be resolved faster

What to Look for in an IVR Technology Provider:

  • Comprehensive reporting, available in real time
  • Flexibility & scalability
  • Compliant technology
  • Integration options
  • Call recording capabilities
  • 24/7 customer support

For information on IVR Tech’s Custom IVR Solutions, call us at 800-438-1709 or 716-250-2800. You can also fill out our contact form or e-mail us & we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.  For more information on IVR Tech’s call tracking services, click here.

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