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Manage subscriber cell phone numbers, opt-out requests and other campaign specifics such as delivery dates and times. Our platform also helps you stay in compliance with the latest industry standards and regulations.

Need to add messaging to your existing software? Add TextEnable to your existing landline.

Want to integrate messaging into your existing business processes? nResponse creates and sends both voice broadcasts and text messages to your patient list. Text blasts, e-mail messages & voice broadcast options, helps you reach out quickly.

We also provide APIs and custom integration support to help you.

Text Messaging Voice Broadcast | TextEnable nResponse and TextEnable - Patient Outreach System

Common Uses


Emergency alerts


Notification calls


Appointment reminders


Interactive polls & Surveys


Overdue payment reminders


Lead generation


Event promotion


Order status updates


Health assessment calls

IVR Technology Group has the following products for your Text Messaging needs:


nResponse is a self-service application that allows you to send simultaneous voice, text & e-mail messages to your contacts within minutes through our secure system.


Have a LandLine or Toll-free number that cannot receive texts? No problem with TextEnable!

Key Benefits of Voice Broadcasting and Text Blasts

for the Medical Industry

Schedule and Manage Broadcasts

  • Self-service voice broadcast technology
  • Schedule call windows
  • Determine how quickly to send out calls
  • Pause calling campaigns

High Capacity and Enterprise-Grade Reliability

  • Scale up to hundreds of simultaneous calls per campaign
  • Your voice broadcasting services receive dedicated capacity on-demand

Professional Consultants Ready to Help

  • Experienced and knowledgable staff to assist with migration
  • Develop a custom call flow based on your business’ unique needs
  • Tech support and guidance offered along the way

Schedule Call Delivery

  • Set delivery dates and times
  • Run campaigns over multiple days or send them at different times during the same day

Powerful Call List Management

  • Upload call datafiles from a host of applications (Excel, Access) and industry-standard formats (CSV)

Record Calls

  • Customizable recording options available
  • Simple activation
  • Easy to configure

Advanced IVR Functionality

  • Deliver a pre-recorded message
  • Use outbound IVR to create an interactive calling campaign
  • Run a survey
  • Allow the called person to transfer to the closest agent geographically

Deliver Effective Messaging

  • Detect when an answering machine or a person answers the call and deliver a specific message based on the recipient

Exhaustive Call Reports

  • Detect when an answering machine or a person answers the call and deliver a specific message based on the recipient

Intelligent Redialing

  • Multiple attempts are made after a busy signal is received or a call is not picked up
  • Unanswered calls are redialed for no cost

Automated Interactive Opt-Out Mechanism

  • Ensure you’e always in compliance with the FTC’s opt-out rule by electing to include an opt-out message in your broadcasts

API Integration With Your Applications

  • Make outbound calls based on trigger events in your software
  • Calls can be queued and delivered without any human intervention

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