Q: What is IVR?
A: IVR is an abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response. Simply put, it’s the advanced communication of a telephone and computer for the input and retrieval of data and information to facilitate a business process and save money.

Q: What is a Service Bureau?
A: This is a place of business where all needed equipment, telephone lines, facilities and personnel are housed for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services. This is exactly what IVR Technology Group is! A service bureau saves you from installing telephone lines, buying expensive IVR servers, hiring technical IVR system administrators and building a secure, fire protected, power fail-safe data room. We have all this IVR infrastructure here for your benefit.

Q: What is a Call Flow?
A: This is the definition of your IVR application. It tells our software engineers how to handle telephone calls on your behalf and contains things like the greeting the callers will hear when they call your toll free number, the IVR menu options they are presented with and things related to the processing of the call.

Q: What is ANI?
A: Automatic Number Identification. This is the same as Caller ID on your home telephone line. For example, our IVR servers can automatically use this information to block certain callers.

Q: What does DNIS stand for?
A: Dialed Number Information Service. This tells the IVR telephone equipment what toll free number the caller dialed so it can act accordingly.

Q: What does TTS mean?
A: Text to speech. The IVR computer can read text and automatically convert it to voice for the caller to hear.

Q: I hear people refer to a POTS line. What does this mean?
A: A very old abbreviation which means Plain Old Telephone System. When you hear this term, think of the plain and simple telephone lines most homes have.


IVR Technology Group specializes in custom, hosted applications and will create your IVR application to your exact specification, no matter how simple or complex it may be.

Internet presence

Get call stats or any other information collected by your IVR application 24 hours a day by simply accessing your account via the Internet.

Transfer to an operator

In the event your callers want to speak to a live operator, we can quickly transfer them from your IVR (interactive voice response) application to anywhere you choose.

Data center

All IVR (interactive voice response) servers are housed in a secured, temperature controlled, battery and generator backed environment to insure 100% uptime.

For live demonstrations of our IVR services, check out our demo page.



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