Customers want to be able to pay for goods and services right away and on their terms. By providing flexibility, IVR Payment processing automates your billing process and accepts immediate payments over the phone at any time of day, across any industry. When payments are instantly verified, and securely processed, it can allow a business to increase efficiency by being able to allocate their resources in a more effective manner.

Occasionally,  a company will come along and try to reinvent the wheel. For example, last year Amazon introduced their Dash Button and Dash Replenishment Service (DRS). The concept was quite novel. For example, a user could put a button in the nursery. If they were running low on diapers they could tap the button and get them delivered the next day. Buttons can be purchased from Amazon for a number of items and you’d never have to worry about running out of certain products.

The initial introduction of the button wasn’t without its obstacles.  The button can only work if it is connected to Wi-fi, which likely means a high-speed internet connection and router is necessary. There was also a limitation as to what sort of products could be purchased. Last August Bridget Cary, Senior Editor for CNET, discovered that while a Dash button existed for Gillette’s men’s razors no such button existed for women’s razors.

If one of the products Amazon offer is on the list the Dash button is an okay concept. However, it’s an item that a customer pays money for that can only handle one function. Also, in order to be able to get a button one would need to have an Amazon Prime account in the first place.

Granted, Amazon recently announced the AWS IoT Button. Now a product could easily be ordered that wasn’t among the 70 Amazon offers. However, the average user would be unlikely to figure it out easily. The Dash button itself is $5, and the programmable one is $20. Also, another flaw is the button itself, or the battery it in. There is no way to recharge it, nor replace it. That means that once the battery is dead, a customer would need to order a replacement.

So to recap:

  • The item a customer can only get one type of item per button.
  • This item must be one of the items Amazon has on their list of 70+ products.
  • The customer needs to have Amazon Prime to get it to work.

That doesn’t sound flexible for your customers or your business.

IVR Payment processing, however, is flexible.

By integrating IVR payment processing solutions for your business, your company offers customer flexibility and convenience when paying for your goods and services. Now your customer can pay not with a device that designed to do one task but with their phone. By enabling your customers to pay by phone, you’ll prove that you value their business, which will drive even more repeat purchases and increased loyalty.Our solution, PayIT, will allow customers to be able to pay for your product at any time. We can even offer the ability for your business to accept payment by text message.

PayIT is better for your business because of its flexibility:

  • Payments are based off whatever goods and services your business sells, you can get started today.
  • IVR Payments allow for my freedom of payment on the part of the customer since they don’t have to be home to make a payment. and can be made on multiple devices
  • Payments don’t have to be made on a device that serves one function. Payments can be made on any phone, anywhere, anytime.

IVR payment processing can easily be verified with a receipt of payment, that can be sent to a customer via email or text. Customers can easily choose to pay the past due balance or the whole amount with the push of a button. The Amazon Dash button defaults the quantity of items a customer can purchase at one.  If someone mashed it like they were playing a video game and accidentally ordered 200 bottles of Gatorade, an alert would pop up on the users phone to verify the authorization of such a transaction. If a customer actually wanted 5 bottles, they would need to adjust their settings on the website.

…likely using their smartphone.
So why do you need a button in the first place?

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