Retail Services

We provide a host of solutions to the retail world that optimizes efficiency while creating a reliable platform for businesses to grow, including:


Many of our customers use a voice-driven auto-attendant to answer their main office and store numbers. A voice-driven auto-attendant lets callers connect with the desired party simply by speaking the name of the person, store, or department they want to reach.

Employee and Customer Notification

Most enterprises are looking for a solution to quickly deliver time-critical information to employees and customers. our IVR solutions enable instant delivery of time-critical information via outbound calls to any desk or wireless phone. This solution is invaluable during last-minute shift schedule updates or sale announcements.

Call Center Automation

Enterprises are increasingly looking to reduce the cost of customer service and support centers via automation or by moving agents off-shore. IVR call center automation applications can deliver cost reductions that even surpass savings from off-shore operations.

Customer Surveys

Retail vendors with a focus on customer service and support excellence use IVR Technology Group’s IVR solutions to automatically survey customers by phone after purchases, deliveries, or services have been performed.

Inventory and Reporting

Retail enterprises leverage IVR Technology Group’s IVR solutions to enable remote vendors, stores, and employees to report inventory and sales information from any wireless phone.

Bill Reminders

Enterprises selling post-paid products and services use our IVR solutions to place automatic bill reminder calls to customers both before and after their bills are due, reducing the enterprise’s past due accounts receivable overhead with almost zero incremental cost.

Store Locator

Retail vendors with multiple locations find that automated store location, hour, and direction IVR applications let employees focus on in-store customers and give callers more accurate and timely information.

Order Status

With an order status IVR application, retail vendors who ship products by air, ground, or mail can automatically place calls to customers as orders arrive or ship, and enable customers to check on the status of orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Custom IVR

Let our development team design the IVR system that fits with your business. With over 15 years of dedication to the industry, IVR Technology Group has been there alongside the advancements in data delivery. We are proud to support unlimited possibilities for your business.

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