IVR Call Center Solutions

Our IVR call center services promise an array of valuable applications for call centers.

Manage your incoming calls with a voice-driven auto-attendant that can answer the phone at your office or store. This component of our IVR call center allows your callers to connect with the desired party by simply speaking the name of the person, store, or department they want to reach. The auto-attendant will automatically send the call to the appropriate place before moving on to assist the next caller.

Call Center Automation
Make your communications consistent and increase customer satisfaction while you lower the cost of running your customer service department, support center or call center by automating these operations.

Telephone Surveys
Collect honest and valuable customer feedback quickly, easily and without tying your live agents to the phone all day. One of our most effective IVR call center services is the use of telephone surveys. We’ll set you up to distribute surveys after the completion of orders, installations and delivery of on-site repair services.

Bill Reminders & Collections
Distribute automatic bill reminder calls to customers both before and after their bills are due, reducing call costs as well as past due accounts receivable overhead with almost zero incremental cost.

Custom IVR
Our development team will design an IVR system to your business’ exact needs. With more than 20 years of industry experience, IVR Technology Group has developed some of the most advanced applications that are used by businesses throughout North America. We are proud to help support you and grow your business by building an application exclusively for your use.

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