Advertising Agencies

Measure Advertising spends with Call Tracking Numbers

Stop wondering which Ads and online web pages drive phone calls to your business. IVR Tech Group’s Call Tracking Numbers will show your ad spending ratio instantly. You’ll see which ads generated phone calls and bring more traffic to business. IVR will track, record & ROI all of your calls to figure out which Ads bring more phone calls.

Send Messages & Promotions

IVR Tech Group’s voice broadcasting is easy to use. Simply create your voice over the phone and upload your contact list. In a few your message will be heard by the recipients on your list. IVR Tech Group’s voice broadcasting will also provide Follow-up calls & Press-1 campaigns, Reminder calls for important events and many more.

Appointment Reminders & Surveys

IVR Tech Group’s Hosted IVR allows users to create custom inbound or outbound surveys with real time data collection and Google analytics integration.

Outbound Dialing for Different Marketing Campaign

IVR Tech Group’s Cloud Call Center is easy to use, simply upload your contacts and in a few IVR tech Group’s auto dialer will connect your team to the contacts on your list. Our dialer can up to 4 phone lines per user and will leave answering machine messages so you don’t have to. You can focus on speaking with live people, leading to increases of 15-30% in efficiency over manual dialing.

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