IVR Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare service providers need to ensure complete satisfaction of patients by delivering truly world-class services and support that makes their lives easier. Our IVR healthcare solutions equip your healthcare establishment with a wide array of functional capabilities, ranging from patient database management to payment processing.

We offer several IVR healthcare solutions; they’re all HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant.

Medical Equipment Providers (DME)

Manage subscriber cell phone numbers, opt-out requests and other campaign specifics such as delivery dates and times.


An automated answering and call routing service with accurate call handling and reliable, consistent service that gives you complete control over how your calls are managed.


An automated virtual terminal that enables your organization to accept electronic payments over the phone at any time. Transactions are completed quickly and easily without assistance from a live agent.


A multi-modal voice broadcast system that enables you to deliver customized audio, text or e-mail messages to your patients, all without tying your live agents to the phone.

Payment Processing Solution

Improve accounts receivable, automate balance notifications, and comply with all regulations prescribed under PCI DSS.


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