Does your IVR, SMS Provider…

Can your current IVR / SMS Text provider state the following:

We’ve been clients as long as we’ve been suppliers – we know the pressure on the “other side of the table.”


No job is too small – while others may not look to participate with smaller applications, we take them on as a challenge to help our clients turn the small programs into large ones through successful implementations.


We’re consumers too – we put our applications to the test each and every day. We continue to monitor and make recommendations for improvement. We were one of the first, and take the lead on putting “personality” into our applications.


Set up is not a profit center – we are in business for the long haul. Rather than make our money up‐front, we look to invest in the partnership and earn our revenue with each call / each minute we process.


We are one of the better kept secrets – we don’t spend our money on advertising, we spend it on building a solid infrastructure. Our growth is generally organic — from our satisfied customers who grow with us and who are quick to recommend us to others.


If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you – our reputation is based on satisfaction.


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