Throughout this document and within the relationship between IVR TECHNOLOGY GROUP  and you, reference may be made to some terms, which for the purpose of this document mean the following:




Automatic Number Identification.  ANI is a service provided by long distance carriers which delivers the telephone number from which a call is placed.  In general, ANI refers to the telephone number of a caller.


Provides connectivity to a third party similar to conference calling.  The IVR routes the caller to another “off premise” telephone number.  This number can be a POTS or 800 number.


DID is a term which by definition means Direct Inward Dialing, and was used primarily in Centrex systems, but has been adapted by most modern PBX systems and hybrids.  It has a series of digits assigned to it, generally the last 2-4 digits of the dialed number, and is used to identify the call.  The term DID for the purpose of the document will actually refer more to DNIS, since DID is quite limiting (because of the digit limitations) and since DNIS is used by most long distance carriers.


DNIS, or Dialed Number Identification System, refers to a Number (usually 10 digits or less) which equates to a telephone number which was dialed by the calling party.  It is a telephony industry standard, and can differ between long distance carriers.


Refers to Integrated Voice Response, which is generally is a computerized method of playing pre-recorded voice information, recording voice information, recognizing and acting upon touch-tone digits, along with other telephone related functions.

IVR Program Is a set of computerized instructions which when used by calling a number that points to an IVR program will go through a set of pre-defined voice scripting with various playing of messages, recordings, etc.


Acronym for Name/Address/City/State/Zip Code information.


A Platform is a Program (or set of Programs) that can be considered re-usable and utility-like, in that it can be configured to act differently, used by many customers/clients, and is generic in nature.


Plain Old Telephone Service – A fancy way to say ‘a regular phone line like everyone has at home.’


Is a DNIS, which is not assigned by the Carrier, but instead is assigned within the confines of IVR TECHNOLOGY GROUP  and it’s systems. It is generally used for the purpose of identifying a call as a particular type of program, but does not necessarily allow for equating back to the originally dialed number.


Generally refers to the actual verbiage of a particular piece of audio, or the process of generating such verbiage.  In the context of an IVR program, scripting sometimes refers to the program flow (which this document will try to clarify when necessary).


A procedure whereby a human being listens to recorded audio and types the words he/she hears into a document.


Text To Speech conversion program that automates converting the written word to an electronic voice to verbally communicate printed text.


Use of digital technology to produce or re-produce the spoken word.  Any reference to record or play suggests use of our state-of-the-art digital technology that produces crystal clear audio.


Authorization of credit card.  We are on line with several clearing houses to provide real-time, instantaneous authorization (checking the validity of the credit card number, checking to be sure monies/credit is available) of most credit cards, from most banks.


Settlement of a credit card on our clients’ merchant account.  Once authorization of the credit card is complete, we can settle the monies to be charged real-time, instantaneous settlement on most credit cards, issued from most banks.


This program, developed by IVR TECHNOLOGY GROUP , allows our clients to view program statistics through a special Web based access program or receive reports on a scheduled basis throughout the day via Internet mail.


When transferring an automated call to a live operation, we can supply the customer service agent with an automated whisper message that only the agent hears providing the agent with a “heads up” of the callers needs / background / and other pertinent information.

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