IVR Technology Group is moving up and reflecting back! We recently made the move of our corporate office to Williamsville, NY. New growth opportunities have made our move a necessity and we are thrilled over the exciting change! The layout is casual yet purposeful. The new space is open and comfy with couches, reclining chairs, and clean lines. Two sitting areas, a few private offices, a large conference room and an open, accessible central area for our desks comprise our new office space. IVR Tech culture encourages openness and brainstorming opportunities. Our desks are grouped together in “think pods” to best foster an environment of collaboration and accountability. Innovation and forward thinking fuel each of us individually. Continually being reminded of the dedication we all share has only heightened our passion and enthusiasm for IVR Tech.
Increased interest in our services and the expansion of services within our customer base is creating the opportunity for us to expand our developer team, yet again!

Mike Byrne says it best,

“We are pleased to announce that our growth is taking us into a larger, more open facility. IVR Technology Group actually got its start in Williamsville years ago and we’ve maintained a good working relationship with this area
ever since. Looking back over time, we have come a long way in terms of scope and size of our company. We continue to grow in both size and depth of offering – a true testament to our clients support of our business.”

It may be coincidental that IVR Tech landed back in Williamsville, from when we began. But there is no coincidence in why we have grown to crave a work space conducive to open communication, high energy, and forward thinking innovators. As IVR Tech looks back and measures the growth we have undergone since our beginnings as a simple tech company offering other businesses automated phone solutions, we are charged up and ready to deliver even more products and services that will inevitably enhance our customer’s functionality. IVR Technology Group would like to offer our appreciation for such fantastic clients. Our dedication to them and their loyalty in us has continued to spur us on since our very first days. Thank you.

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