IVR Demos

Demonstration Applications

All toll-free numbers are for demonstration purposes only.

Transcription ATA Testimonial Collection Line



Transcription Services

Dial # and follow the instructions. You will be asked a series of questions and your answers will be recorded.

Secure Pay by Phone Solution Line



Phone Payment Solution PayIT

Dial # and follow the prompts. English and Spanish are available.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Line



Collect Feedback with iSurvey360

Dial #, you will be asked a series of questions and will input numbers rating each question.

Prescription Refill Reminder Demo



Inbound IVR Services & Solutions

Dial # and follow prompts. You will be reminded of prescription, then asked a series of questions confirming it.

Store | Dealer Locators

Sears: 877-518-8544
Bath Fitters: 800-892-2847

More on our Dealer Locator Product - SmartGEO

Dial #, you will be asked to enter or speak your zip code. The Sears app will read out locations nearest you, the bath fitters app will transfer you to the closest location.

TextEnable Your Landline

Text ‘enable’:


Get Started with Landline Texting for Business

Text ‘enable’ # and follow the instructions. This demonstrates how you can do landline texting, the “1800” number acts like a landline.

Call Center Employment Line



Call Center Solutions

Dial #, the automated job interviewer asks a series of questions (16) and you can speak or enter your answers.