How much thought do you give your work attire? There are some elements of work that seem to just be assumed. If the guys are neck deep coding a complex system of applications, a t-shirt and jeans is typical garb. But when it comes time to portray the quality of our services and products, we want to be taken seriously. A shirt and tie mirrors the respect we have for our client’s time and attention and also assumes an appropriate level of professionalism.

When Mark Zuckerberg made his facebook IPO pitch wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sneakers, Wall Street cringed. Another example of blatant disrespect from this Generation Y guy. Or is it just that Zuckerberg is a pioneer rewriting business culture? Let’s not forget facebook’s less than flashy beginnings within the walls of Zuckerberg Harvard dorm room. Or when meeting with Sequoia Capital he wore his pajamas as a prank, committing an epic faux pas. This trademark hoodie of his has made its debut time and time again at public appearances, interviews, and meetings. So what? If Zuckerberg’s wardrobe reflects the effort and dedication he invests into his product, his sweatshirt says he wouldn’t be worth $17.5 billion. He personifies his generation’s ideal image: balancing approachability and (intentionally presented) humility while producing a staggeringly complex, intimidatingly impressive mind.

As a generation Y’er myself, I am guilty of standing in front of the closet on days I drive into the office wondering, “Is boho truly weekend only wardrobe?” I inevitably conclude that my inner hippie self will have to wait until Saturday as I decide on trouser khakis, a button up blouse and leather flats. I personally don’t see the big deal in dressing down at work, however I am perfectly aware that I am no Mark Zuckerberg.

I was curious to hear the thoughts of the IVR Tech team on Zuckerberg wearing his hoodie amidst all of the Wall Street investors during his facebook IPO pitch.

Eric Lee
Zuckerberg rocks. I love hoodies. Wall Street needs to get over themselves.

Greg Hellings

Sure he wasn’t showing respect for their culture, but he was exemplifying his own. And some people like to have iconic outfits – think of Steve Jobs in his jeans and black turtleneck. Zuckerberg obviously likes to be iconically dressed in what is comfortable. Perhaps he feels it allows him to be more himself or gives him some other advantage. Or perhaps he figures he’s the one who needs to be respected, and not vice versa. Overall it was an egocentric act on his part.

JoAnne Kotlik

To me, a hoodie is not appropriate.  I believe in the dress for success motto. Unfortunately in this world people tend to judge you on your appearance. Thus, why 2 people having the same credentials applying for a job, one rather attractive and one quite ordinary, usually it is the attractive one that will get the job.  That is how the business world behaves. I believe a billionaire dressing in an inappropriate manner for a business setting would be perceived to others as eccentric.

Each day we determine what we should wear, dictated in large part by where we will be, what interactions we will have, and how we intend to present IVR Technology Group to our clients. We take our responsibility seriously to supply a reliable, quality product / service to enhance businesses we collaborate with. Coincidentally, the majority of IVR Tech is constructed of Zuckerberg’s fellow Generation Y’ers. While we may not see the big deal in Zuckerberg doing business in his not so distant college life apparel, IVR Tech respectfully declines to follow suit.

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