No one likes to wait on hold. Study and after study tell us people hate waiting, but most of us don’t need professional findings to tell us we don’t like to waste our time. Its no surprise to us that long wait times translate into high abandon rates, lost sales, increased handle times and overall, irritated customers.

Ideally, best customer service involves quick attention. However, managing a contact center’s mix of technologies on a company’s tight operational budget means customers will just have to wait. Necessary upgrades would include capital investments, procedural changes, and an expanded budget… or would it?

IVR’s Hosted Contact Centers w/ Call Back Queuing bring tomorrow’s features & functionalities to today for a price that fits!

Now, adding virtual queuing capabilities to your hosted contact center is possible with minimal effort. Solutions through IVR give your customers the option to “press 1 to be called back by the next available agent”, regardless of your current infrastructure. Simple configuration changes are all that’s required. IVR handles the queuing and call backs; providing your hosted contact center the ability to eliminate hold time, smooth out traffic spikes and reduce costs.

IVR isn’t: legacy equipment, capital expenses, professional service engagements or complicated integration.

IVR is: call-back software for your contact center, hosted in the cloud. With no major commitment, try our call back queuing and experience customer communications without the sting of frustration or impatience.

Reach out and see how your contact center can benefit from IVR’s Call back Queuing.

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