Every day texting grows exponentially as a mainstreamed form of communication across all boundaries of age and culture. According to TSG Global, Inc. 3.05 billion cell phones world wide are SMS enabled. So how can a tool for chatting be utilized for a greater good? Nancy Lubin, CEO of DoSomething.org was quoted in www.mobihealthnew.com from a pre-conference session at TED 2012 saying, “I think it might be able to save more lives than penicillin.” Lubin went on to speak about using text messaging in her organization to reach teens specifically for prevention, counseling and data collection. Lubin’s statement may have been bold, but IVR Technology Group shares her view point that texting is a powerful means for prevention.

Recently, IVR Tech created an IVR for Senior Bridge with prevention as the main objective. Patients of Senior Bridge living independently with chronic diseases are pinged periodically on their phone. Questions about how they’re feeling and functioning are presented. When the patient messages back a worrisome response, the IVR immediately connects them to a nurse for follow-up.

MDCall, a sister company to IVR Technology Group, is a customized call center for physician practices and hospitals. Doctors relay their schedule and corresponding means of contact. The team of clinicians overseeing and administering care are able to reach the doctor through MDCall via email, text message, voice message, or page. Level of urgency is considered and the doctor is able to manage communication with clinicians appropriately, lowering rate of error drastically.

Creating and implementing modern advances that mold the technology and medical worlds into one will prove to be a game changing strategy within preventative practices. IVR Technology Group as well as MDCall look forward to developing advances to improve quality of life and offer care before crisis. Along with Lubin, we are convinced texting is a powerful tool as a preventive measure.

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