Rory Staunton died of severe septic shock on April 1, 2012. Rory was only 12 years old. The deadly blood infection which quickly led to sepsis was believed to enter his body through a cut he incurred while playing basketball at school. One day after his basketball injury, Rory was admitted to NYU Langone Medical Center’s ER after showing signs of dehydration and an upset stomach. He was released later that day. Only Rory was not fighting the flu, rather he was fighting for his life.

Rory’s vital signs indicated he was seriously ill moments before he was discharged from the emergency room. Alarming lab results were available just three short hours after he returned home. Abnormally large quantities of cells that combat bacterial infection were being produced, pointing to sepsis. The Staunton’s were never contacted. This critical information surfaced days later as Rory life ended in the intensive care unit.

Critical information gathered by his family doctor and during his first visit to NYU Langone was not used, was not at hand or was not viewed as important when decisions were made about his care, records show.

~Jim Dwyer, New York Times

Tragedies like Rory’s are repeated over and over again because of poor care coordination within Hospitals and Physician Practices. The web of communication is very complicated. Each patient may be seen by numerous doctors, nurses, and technicians within various departments; resulting in mismanagement of care and grave consequences.

IVR Technology Group is moved by this monstrous problem and has implemented a solution. MDCall is a Medical Answering Service offering a Customized Care Coordination solution. Every factor is considered when organizing a hospital or practice’s communication needs. Messages can be sent and received through email, text, voice mail,…etc. Clinician’s schedules are documented. Communication never breaks down because an escalation procedure kicks in when action is not taken. MDCall is the trusted answer to all medical communication needs.

We at IVR Tech are mothers and fathers with children Rory’s age. It saddens us to know Rory’s life was cut short because of simple human error and a lack of automatic alert messaging. Customizing, hosting, and following through on the success of Care Coordination within a Physician’s Practice or Hospital is the standard of excellence we offer in our products and services. MDCall’s Benefits and Features include reliability, efficiency, cost effectiveness, increased quality of care, clinician convenience, and a decrease of human error.

Improve care coordination within your hospital or practice. MDCall is your Customized Care Coordination Solution.

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