IVR customers often ask us,

“How do I know I need a Hosted Contact Center?”

They have operated with their PBX system for years and have their representatives making and receiving calls on a daily basis.

IVR’s answer is simple. If a company’s representatives spend more than two hours a day on the phone, than IVR’s cloud based hosted contact center is the way to go. In two hours, 40 phone calls could be made or received. Let’s assume that 80% or 32 of these calls are being made to or from customers. These interactions are valuable interactions between your company and your customers or prospective customers.

Implementing routine phone calls into automated inbound and outbound calls, your representatives can service more customers; multiplying their productivity two or three times over. Integrate seamlessly with your CRM, track interactions through every voice, chat or text communication. PBX systems fall flat when comparing them to IVR’s management, reporting, analytics and BI software.

Whether Inbound, Outbound, or a Blended solution would increase interactions, launch productivity, and catapult business for your company, IVR cloud based Hosted Contact Center is the solution.

Discuss your company’s Hosted Contact Center needs with IVR Technology Group today! Contact us for more information.

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