“How can I help?” It’s the only question worth asking when offering support to a family facing  medical crisis. In an effort to help strengthen communication from hospital personnel to concerned family and friends (whether in the hospital waiting room or miles away), Children’s National Hospital introduces a web/mobile application: MyCareText. Loved ones of patients are kept up to speed through the implementation of texts sent straight from the doctor or nurse administering care. Allowing the freedom for immediate caretakers to leave their seats in the waiting room to grab a meal, pay for parking, or care for others in the family, is MyCareText’s greatest asset.

In addition to keeping the spouse or parent of the patient informed, MyCareText offers the same messaging service to prearranged loved ones waiting for word. Primary care takers want to reach out to family and close friends during and after medical procedures. However, this often means excusing themselves to make a call or send a text to each person individually. MyCareText simultaneously blasts an SMS message to as many (or as few) people the immediate family desires when surgery is completed, tests are performed, and any change in diagnosis has been made.

While IVR Technology Group didn’t create MyCareText, the functionality of this app speaks to us as individuals. Creating technology that will in some way enhance the lives of hurting people or save time in a clinician’s day is what motivates the husbands, wives, parents, and friends who make up IVR Tech.

Utilizing our skill-set towards a greater good is a company ideal we aspire towards. Our ongoing relationship with Family Choice of New York  (for example) is a valuable connection for us. Transitioning their medical records to a paperless, more consistent, and reliable Electronic Health Record (EHR) adds a layer of security and frees up precious minutes in the clinician’s busy day. In addition to Children’s National Hospital and their web/mobile developers, IVR Technology Group also asks, “How can we help?”.

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