After more than six million passwords were taken and posted from LinkedIn, the concern for additional security rises exponentially. How could an organization that collects and profits from such a large volume of data overlook the steps necessary to protect it? Many members, myself included, were completely shocked to here there was no hashing or salting implemented to protect us. This blatant irresponsibility causes one to examine all other businesses, organizations, and services we trust and rely on to protect our security. After feelings of being neglected and exposed subside, the finger
has to then point to ourselves as we ask, how are we being a secure venue for our customers to rely on? When we are representing a corporation on whom others depend, what moral code are we using and how important is their data security to us as a business? PCI compliance or PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is that moral code with serious legal repercussions. Banks and credit card institutions can levy fines on companies who are PCI noncompliant ranging from $5,000 to $500,000.

As a PCI compliant company, IVR Technology Group maintains a high standard our customers can rest assured is secure. IVR Tech clients can be confident that their network, application, or IVR service is complying to strict guidelines; ensuring the security of their client’s / patient’s / vendor’s data. It’s not until a misuse of power is unveiled do we all look to our own responsibilities and how we are maintaining a reputable business others can depend on. There are so many questions asked when considering if a company’s products and services are a good fit for your need. Being a PCI compliant organization enhances the level of commitment you devote to your customer as you make your dedication to the customer’s valued data evident. So thank you LinkedIn for highlighting how vital protection is and how there are sometimes irreversible results stemming from our actions or (in LinkedIn’s case) lack of necessary actions.

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