IVR Technology Group unveils our latest application: iCAN survey.

iCAN is a survey tool designed to collect objective, teleservice operations feedback. Balancing a productive mix of IVR implementation and live customer representative consultation will ensure the least amount of time wasted, call routing success, and a company’s resources utilized wisely. Measuring the success of customer/agent interactions and overall customer satisfaction is a valuable tool. 

Survey results are tallied and sent through a secure portal back to the company for evaluation. John Crouthamel highlights the benefits of iCAN’s ground-breaking technology, “We can quickly feedback results in the form of alerts so our clients can correct or adjust agent performance in near real time.” iCan is a resource saving solution for evaluating the productivity and profitability of a company’s IVR telephone services coupled with live agent interactions.

Mike Byrne explains how IVR Tech can build a line of supportive and interconnected hosted applications to ensure customer success, “These post call surveys were added to our interactive suite of iCAN services as we continue to invest in building state-of-the-art applications that complement live human interaction.” iCan working with iText help paint a clear picture of the functionality of the services our customers offer their own clientele.

IVR Tech collects, organizes and evaluates invaluable customer satisfaction tips and preferences, straight from the customers themselves. iCAN empowers customers, gathers precious consumer insight and strengthens a company’s ability to stay flexible and always customer-centered.

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