IVR Technology Group was represented at NY’s Innovation Pipeline discussion by Chirag Desai on June 19, 2012 at SUNY Levin Institute in New York City. Conversation was centered on how businesses throughout New York state are strengthening economy and successfully connecting regional entrepreneurs to seed investors. The gathering consisted of various government representatives, technology executives, and leaders in the state’s higher education institutions.

Chirag spoke of the Southern Tier’s demographics, start-up examples, and what his involvement will include for start-ups and entrepreneurs throughout the Southern Tier. One of the endeavors he chose to mention is serving as an active member at Startfast. Chi’s role as a mentor at Startfast speaks volumes to his level of commitment for entrepreneurs in the tech industry. As a mentor, Chi works closely with other mentors within Startfast to select innovative start-ups that need guidance, relationship and investment.

“Mind meld” was a concept Chi highlighted during his speech referring to the need for entrepreneurs, technologist, and forward thinking innovators to meet together. Collaboration, networking, and learning from others’ experiences are all invaluable learning tools. Chi clearly states the reasons for initiating these get-togethers amongst professionals.

We’re having trouble finding peers who may be able to help us with our problems, to problem solve with us, be our partners.

~Chirag Desai

In conclusion, Chi mentioned plans for future “Mind Meld” meet ups within the Southern Tier to be innacted this year. Overall, the Innovation Pipeline was a wonderful opportunity to highlight all of the fresh companies looking to connect in the Buffalo, Ithaca, and various other regions in Western New York. Chirag appreciated the experience and the relationships established which will only serve to strengthen IVR Technology Group with other companies in New York state. The IVR Tech team is thrilled to be represented by our favorite VP!

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