IVR Technology Group expands our development team by two: Welcome Greg Hellings and Yan Wang. IVR Tech has been kept very busy creating web and mobile applications as well as IVR phone systems for our clientele. The need to expand our team by two more talented developers has taken priority these past few months. IVR Technology Group couldn’t be more thrilled Greg and Yan will join the team officially this month.

Yan is a recent graduate from the University of Buffalo where he earned his MS in Computer Science. Before residing in Buffalo, Yan lived and attended his undergraduate school in China where he earned his BE in Mechanical Engineering. Yan is excited to be a collaborative member of the team.

Greg brings his experience as a web developer from two previous positions. Working from the ground up with a start up in Dallas and then later as a Java developer on DoD contracts, he now has returned to the Buffalo area. Greg holds his BS from Houghton College in Religion and his MS in Computer Science from the University of Texas. Greg may be one of our newest members, but has a history with some of us who have also graduated from Houghton. In his own words, Greg is excited to begin “working with a company that is bold enough to search out the best of modern technology and apply it to their problem domains.”

IVR Tech enjoys working together but also finds opportunities for some of us to spend downtime bar-b-queing, bowling, or simply getting our kids together on weekends. Yan’s experience in and love for a long list of sports may prompt us to consider a showdown on the mini golf green in our near future. Greg has mentioned his talent for consuming amazing amounts of homemade ice cream (thanks to a very large appliance given to him and his wife for their wedding). Many of us love to cook and even more of us love to eat. I’m sure we all will look forward to helping Greg finish off what ever frozen creation he may bring into the office for us to judge and devour.

Working with people who collaborate well and are mutually respected is a rare privilege. IVR Tech is thrilled to welcome Yan and Greg into the fold as we look ahead to strengthening and building our team.

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