phone-918633_1920, text messagingIVR Technology Group is thrilled to announce the expansion of our hosted interactive solutions to now include SMS / Text Messaging.

SMS and Text Messaging technology incorporates intelligent communication solutions into our customers’ marketing approach.

Mike Byrne highlights IVR Tech’s diversity of services.

“We are excited to be able to present SMS as part of our offering. We now believe the combination of our market expertise, proprietary technology, management and staff clearly creates a market leader in the interactive direct response marketing and internet communication industries.”

Internet and telephone services work hand in hand, increasing revenue for our clients. Completely custom and IVR Tech hosted. Customers play an integral role from conception to execution. IVR Technology Group has launched a new website designed to incorporate the client’s vision and foster collaboration between them and our developers, ensuring the most successful application. IVR Tech and its product line is quickly coming of age in this ever growing and maturing marketing world of technology.

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