Imagine you have to call a company you’ve purchased a product or service from. Would you hope to spend time waiting on hold, listening to an endless loop of music only to finally speak with someone who has no idea who you are and isn’t quite sure how to help you? Probably not.

The experience your customers have with your company is important. Not only is possible to ensure your customers have a good experience, there’s a pretty simple, cost effective and manageable way to do it.

And that is with a hosted contact center.

A hosted contact center is a virtual tool that enables you to manage your customer communication needs from just about anywhere.

Here are five features to look for as you search for the best hosted contact center provider for your business.

Enable your customers choose how they want to communicate with you by choosing a provider that makes it possible for your customers to contact you in the manner of their choosing. For example, your customers should be able make a phone call if they want to have a live conversation or send a chat message to a live agent if they don’t feel like chatting. Your customers will appreciate the choice and your company will stand out in their minds because of this.

Whether you accept incoming calls, make outgoing calls or manage both, a hosted contact center can improve your agents’ efficiency. To further streamline your operations, look for a provider who supports the creation of custom messages and offers IVR & ACD capabilities, skills-based call routing and offers lead storage.

Ensure you know exactly how your agents are performing by selecting a hosted contact center provider that not only offers performance reporting, but also makes it available remotely so that it can be reviewed at your convenience.

Create targeted campaigns, ensure you’re not recycling leads and know exactly who you’re speaking with by selecting a provider with the ability to store your lead lists. As a bonus, you’re provider should be able to help you manage your do not call list so you’re not contacting customers who’ve asked you to stop calling. Also important is the ability to mark disconnected phone number so that your agents aren’t wasting time dialing disconnected phone numbers. Top of the line providers offer integration with your CRM system for extremely simple lead management.

Call recording makes training your agents easier. It also reduces your own liability by keeping track of exactly what was discussed on a phone call. Calls should be accessible to be listened to in real time or at your convenience. They should also be accessible to your customers, too.

Over all, hosted contact centers are a relatively headache free way to manage your customer communication. Maintenance costs, if there are any, are minimal, there’s no investment into new hardware and, perhaps most importantly, no upkeep or administrative work required from you, so you can focus on improving your customer experience with every phone call.

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Kristen S

Kristen S

Kristen is responsible for managing all of IVR’s marketing efforts, including all of our digital media, managing partner relationships, driving leads and generating interest in our products and services.

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