65% of every dollar you make is at risk due to ineffective communication. (1)

Text messaging is the fastest and most efficient form of direct communication. Make your already existing business phone number a more effective business tool by enabling it to send and receive text messages. Use TextEnable to…

  • Confirm appointments
  • Fast track customer support
  • Help customers check their account balance

Most importantly, use TextEnable to communicate more effectively. Did you know that, on average, text messages are read within 4 minutes but it can take up to 48 hours for an e-mail to be read?

Question: Is your phone number helping you grow your business?

Answer: Not if it can’t send or receive text messages to and from your customers.

Solution: TextEnable from IVR Tech

TextEnable is the only solution available that makes it possible for your existing business phone number to send and receive texts. Strengthen your communication with your customers without disrupting their lives. Not sure how to send professional and effective texts? Click here for 7 Professional Texting Tips.

For more information on TextEnable, visit our website: http://www.ivrtechgroup.com/textenable

Click here for a FREE 30-day TextEnable trial!

(1) PMI’s Pulse of the Profession, The High Cost of Low Performance: The Essential Role of Communications

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Kristen S

Kristen S

Kristen is responsible for managing all of IVR’s marketing efforts, including all of our digital media, managing partner relationships, driving leads and generating interest in our products and services.

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