IVR Technology Group is completely thrilled for their own Chirag Desai. Recently, Chi has been asked to join the team of mentors at startfast.net. Startfast is a new venture accelerator geared to support startups both financially, but particularly in the form of providing mentorship to the startup teams. High-caliber individuals, who have proven themselves by having started and successfully grown their own companies, will lend their expertise and resources to those starting out to help their company take flight. These investors take 10 software and internet companies through an intense 100-day program. Startfast provides them mentor support (such as Chirag), capital, space, resources and guidance: the end result being Demo Day, where applicants have the opportunity to present to hundreds of investors.

“StartFast managing directors have invested in and mentored a number of companies in Upstate New York over the past five years. Taken together, these companies have not only grown strongly through the recent economic downturn, we have also actively helped them raise 10X the amount of our original seed investments.” http://startfast.net/results

Chirag’s knowledge in and passion for entrepreneurial ventures will be an invaluable tool for others who desire to give legs to their startups. StartFast will select a handful of companies each year, which qualify to receive a round of seed-funding to support their initial efforts. In the process, it will put these startups in companies to touch with industry leaders, peers, and venture capitalists, allowing these companies to really grow quickly. Early applications are due March 6, and the final deadline is March 23.

Building substantial companies coupled with invaluable partnerships produces incredible outcomes for the industry here in Western New York and far beyond. Chi’s mentorship offered is truly seen as an opportunity to work along side of new ideas, brilliant minds, and cutting edge technology, collaborating collectively towards a common goal. We here at IVR Tech love what we do and Chi is a fantastic representation of the work ethic and passion IVR Tech desires to embody.

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