Today Chirag Desai helps paint a picture of Western New York’s entrepreneurial landscape at SUNY Levin Institute: Building New York’s Innovation Pipeline event. Chi is speaking at this conference as he represents the Binghamton-Ithaca area specifically. This initiative will create a network of resources and people to help innovated based companies across New York State.

Regional leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors are meeting together at the SUNY Global Center in New York City. Talent, ideas, commerce, etc… will be exchanged as valuable mentoring relationships are formed. Strengthening the innovation pipeline between the two regions and connecting businesses throughout New York will inevitably increase economic activity, specifically for upstate New York. Chirag is excited to speak at this conference and meet up with leaders in various fields of influence as he has the opportunity to share his experiences as an entrepreneur.

Creators of this event have a clear long-term objective:

“We will measure the success of the program over time by the increase in revenues and funding to New York State’s high-growth entrepreneurial firms, and by the jobs created therefrom.”

To view a live webcast, visit IVR Technology Group looks forward to the follow through stemming from today’s encounters.

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