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According to Forbes, more than half of all U.S. businesses have made cloud computing part of their business strategy.

What is cloud computing, you ask? Great question, especially because your business’ servers will likely end up being stored there in the near future.

Cloud computing essentially means that you’re storing you and accessing your personal or business data and programs over the Internet instead of storing and accessing it from your computer’s hard drive.

There are four deployment models of cloud: public (available to the general public over the Internet), private (within a corporate firewall), community (shared between organizations) and hybrid (a combination of the three).

There are a lot of benefits to moving your data into the cloud. Here are 7 reasons why IVR Tech believes you should make the switch.

  1. Back up your data
  2. Work from anywhere
  3. Facilitated collaboration
  4. Increased security
  5. Scalability
  6. Reduced costs
  7. Speed

Back Up Your Data

Ever had to reset your phone and lost all your contacts, pictures and apps? It’s a huge, inconvenient pain. Imagine if this happened to every server in your business. Not only would you and your company be at a complete stand still, it would be a time consuming fix with no guarantee that you’d be able to recover all of your information. By storing your information in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about systems crashing or breaking. Your data is always stored off-site and is copied to several servers in various locations. If one goes down, your data can be retrieved from elsewhere on the backup network. Also, cloud suppliers do all of their own server maintenance — keeping all of your information is stored safely and soundly in the cloud, no matter what happens to your computer.

Work From Anywhere

Remember when you had to go travel across the country for an old friend’s wedding? And you got to the airport only to remember that you never made those changes your boss asked for? When your business is ‘in the cloud,’ you can access your data from anywhere – making it possible to make changes and stay in the loop no matter where you are. (As long as you don’t travel to a dead zone cave with no Internet access.)

Facilitated Collaboration

Speaking of traveling, have you ever needed a co-worker’s assistance while they were out of the office? Or vice versa? The cloud enables you to work with your co-workers, no matter where you’re all located, resulting in exponential increases in productivity. In fact, Frost & Sullivan found that companies that invested in a collaboration technology saw a 400% ROI.

Increased Security

The Ponemon Institute estimates that more than two million laptops will be stolen or lost each year. That’s basically 1 in 10 laptops. And, only 3% of these are ever recovered. If the only place you have next year’s budget report is on the laptop you left at your kid’s soccer game, you’re probably going to have some late nights ahead of you. However, if your data is stored on the cloud, your budget report will still be accessible and you’ll only have to explain your missing computer to your boss. Also, well-run cloud providers offer high levels of security, which keep your information secure at all times.


If the hard drive on your computer is full, you have a problem. Your system is probably running annoying slowly. You can’t save more of your work. You probably have to spend extra money purchasing additional space and then spend extra time getting it set up. On the other hand, if your hard drive is two-thirds empty, you don’t have to pay less for your computer. With the cloud, your business is able to increase or decrease the amount of “cloud space” you occupy at any given time. As such, you’re often able to scale  how much you’re paying to be in the cloud based on the amount of data you’re storing.

Reduced Costs

Do you want to spend less money? Wait – we already know the answer. You do. And you’re a smart businessperson for wanting to do so. Most cloud-based solutions have set monthly pricing structures or pay-as-you-go models, making it affordable for small businesses or major enterprises. Cloud services also eliminate the need for on-premise services, therefore eliminating the costs associating with maintaining these servers.


You probably don’t want your business to move any slower. Your current pace might be working for you, too. But – what if you could move faster? Commission, implement and configure your services in a matter of hours, as opposed to days or even weeks. Get new servers configured instantly instead of commissioning an IT team for months. This kind of time can make a huge difference for your business, in terms of getting your products into the market faster and in terms of keeping your people moving.

IVR Tech’s President Akash Desai believes that more businesses than ever before are making the switch to secure web hosting in the cloud. Desai says, “In 2014, cloud computing has permeated the fabric of modern business. The reasons are evident. Cloud computing and the cloud hosting of applications reduces capital expenditure, increases reliability, does wonders for business continuity, and allows an organization to scale simply.” He expects to see many more businesses transfer their data centers to the cloud in the very near future.

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Kristen S

Kristen is responsible for managing all of IVR’s marketing efforts, including all of our digital media, managing partner relationships, driving leads and generating interest in our products and services.
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