We’re already nearing the end of the Q1 of 2015. As such, we thought it would be timely to share some trends that have manifested strongly this year. Use these trends to measure your business and determine whether or not you’re on the right track for the rest of the year.

Think you can get away with a sub-par customer experience? Think again. Customers call the shots in 2015.

Think you can get away with a sub-par customer experience? Think again. Your customers call the shots in 2015.

#1 – Poor experience is a deal breaker
We’re absolutely certain that you know this already, but it’s so important we’d be remiss to exclude it from a 2015 trend list. It’s not enough to have CS reps that can maintain their cool when conversations get heated. Your customers want to work with advocates of your company who are informed and empowered to help them solve their problem. They are looking for adaptability, flexibility, accountability and, above all, convenience. Give it to them.

Deliver a better CX by personalizing every possible part of your conversation.

Addressing your customer by name & referring only to their specific situation is a sure way to develop a meaningful & lasting connection.

#2 – Personalized interactions are key
Here’s where you can really go above and beyond. Ditch your script and have an actual conversation. Address your customers by name and reference their specific account and/or issue. While you may have certain issues that come up on a regular basis, you are speaking to a different person every time. Remember that every time you are on the phone. Give your customers your undivided attention and give them as much time as it takes to resolve their issue. No matter what you do, don’t change their name to something funny in your system. They will find out!

For an above average experience, you must be available via phone call, text message, social media & e-mail.

Every single one of your customers has a different communication preference, so offer as many ways to contact you as possible.

#3 – Multi-channel support is a must
Above all, consider the convenience of your customers. Remember, if it weren‘t for them – each of them – you’d be out of business. If your customer service department heads home at 5 PM, you’d better have a way for your customers to call you after hours. Remember, your paying customers probably work and can’t always put their day on hold to call you. Could you? We all communicate via e-mail, social media and text messaging these days. If your customers can’t contact you in these ways, you’d better re-evaluate your strategy.

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Kristen S

Kristen S

Kristen is responsible for managing all of IVR’s marketing efforts, including all of our digital media, managing partner relationships, driving leads and generating interest in our products and services.
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